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MCS donates AED!

In cooperation with the back school „RückRat“ MCS hands over a disinfection station and an AED 3

MCS donates AED!

Last Tuesday we had the pleasure to visit the back school „RückRat“ of Dimitrios Karapetsas in Wetzlar. The back and joint expert offers mainly courses and offers to strengthen the back and the general musculoskeletal system. The current restrictions due to the Corona virus naturally also have a negative effect on the Wetzlar back school. However, Dimitrios wants to continue to be there for his customers, albeit to a limited extent. In order to be able to comply with the necessary hygiene regulations and measures and to offer his customers the appropriate protection, he has decided to use one of the high-quality disinfection columns from the medical technology manufacturer MCS. This can be operated contactless and was specially made in the corporate design of the studio – the column now shines in the appropriate colors and with a beautiful logo.

In addition to the handover of the disinfection station, the back school received an AED 3 from the manufacturer ZOLL medical from the managing director of MCS medical concept solutions Markus Schaub. Karapetsas was very grateful and pleased about the donation. Especially in the current times health is all the more important. To ensure that the AED 3 can be used and applied in a targeted and correct manner, there was a specially designed training by an external employee of ZOLL medical in the studio of the back school.

In addition to the disinfection columns, MCS also offers suitable holders for the AED and a wide range of medical products, as well as accessories and cable solutions.